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  • Low Profile Hygienic Floor Scale: IF Series
    Low Profile Hygienic Floor Scale: IF Series

    IF Series floor scales are flat-bed scales that are available in various sizes, designs, weighing capacities and resolutions. 

  • Process And Control Valves
    Process And Control Valves

    Progress is expressed in the simplification and optimization of open-loop and closed-loop control of media in various processes. As a result, Bürkert process valves demonstrate what the experience and know-how of a market leader in fluidics can do for its customers: a safe investment in a safe and reliable plant.

  • PEPLYN TF Filter Cartridges
    PEPLYN TF Filter Cartridges

    By combining absolute particle retention, high dirt holding capacity and resistance to blockage with ease of regeneration, PEPLYN TF filters provide the optimum solution for trap filtration of beer and wine.

  • MiniModule® Degasifier
    MiniModule® Degasifier

    MiniModule® products can save the time and expense associated with inaccurate analyser readings in laboratories and testing facilities by removing dissolved gases from water and other fluids. By removing air, these devices also prevent bubble formation which can potentially alter to composition of the solution be analysed.

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Anton Paar USA

Anton Paar USA

Anton Paar is the world leader in several areas of scientific instrumentation. Density measurement, rheology, viscometry, and microwave synthesis are the main areas of our business.



Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors have a broad range of applications in the beverage industry. They have been used for over 20 years to add and remove gasses from a variety of liquids, including alcohol, juices, soft drinks and many others.


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