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  1. Nestlé’s Chilled Coffees Cool Caffeinated European Consumers

    With well over 3000 cups consumed every second, Nescafé is branching out with its launch of chilled coffees in the emerging European Market.

  2. Recyclable Coffee Pods May Be A Novel Idea, But Will They Work In The U.S.?

    Nespresso Austria has developed recyclable coffee pods and a collection system, but with low-recycling rates and lack of proper guidance, the recycling program may fight an uphill battle against American consumers.

  3. Bolstering Food Safety With Traceability Systems

    As implementation of FSMA draws closer and closer, the need for timely and accurate tracking of products becomes more and more paramount. A food traceability system can help take speculation out of tracking products from factory to fork

  4. Heineken Rolls Out New Cans To Attract Modern Consumers

    In an effort to up the appeal of its product to contemporary, city-dwelling men, the beer-maker is introducing a fresh redesign of its cans.

  5. Konica Minolta Sensing To Exhibit Advanced Color Measurement & Control Solutions At IFT Food Expo 2014

    Konica Minolta Sensing Americas (KMSA), technological leader in advanced color and light measurement solutions, will be exhibiting at the 2014 IFT Food Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana at Booth #3017

  6. Pure Energy Group Joins Bioenergy Association Of California

    As a precursor to the unveiling of its landmark waste-to-energy project later this summer, Pure Energy Group (PEG) today announced it has joined the Bioenergy Association of California (BAC), the state’s premier bioenergy organization

  7. Soda Warning Labels Are One Step Closer To Law In California

    State legislature has passed a bill to put warning labels on soda bottles in an effort to inform consumers and improve public health.

  8. MTS Sensors Introduces Temposonics R-Series Sensor With Ethernet POWERLINK Support

    MTS Systems Corporation , a leading global supplier of test systems and position sensors, has introduced the Ethernet POWERLINK protocol to its portfolio of Temposonics R-Series magnetostrictive linear position sensors

  9. Supply Chain Schools — Training A New Generation

    As Baby Boomers will soon begin exiting the workforce, food and beverage manufacturers’ need for a new generation of supply chain managers is bigger than ever.

  10. InspX Announces Advanced Detection Of Plastic Using X-Ray Inspection Technology

    Detection of plastic foreign material in food and beverage containers has often been one of the hardest inspection applications

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