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  1. Grace Introduces DARACLAR 9000HP, New Beer Stabilizer That Increases Productivity, Reduces Environmental Impact

    W. R. Grace & Co. (NYSE: GRA) announces a breakthrough in beer stabilization that increases brewing productivity while decreasing the amount of water used and solid waste created in the brewing process.

  2. ITW Dynatec To Showcase Proven Hot-Melt Adhesive Technology At ProPak China 2015

    Designed to the highest industry standards for quality and performance, ITW Dynatec hot melt systems are simple to operate, highly customizable and represent a “best-total-value” for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the packaging industry

  3. Resilient Broadens Lighting Line With New Linear LED For Food And Beverage Manufacturing Industry

    The Resilient LFL Series not only delivers the industry's best light quality and the incredible energy efficiency of LED, but is built to thrive in the demanding conditions of food and beverage processing

  4. USDA Program Promotes Use Of Plant-Based Materials

    In order to foster sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices throughout the country, the USDA is extending a program that encourages the use of plant-based materials for various food manufacturing practices.

  5. Coca-Cola Unveils Beverage Packaging Made Entirely From Plant Materials

    With a growing awareness about the environmental impacts of packaging, Coca-Cola’s continued efforts toward sustainable packaging have culminated in the creation of the PlantBottle.

  6. YSI Unveils New, Responsive Website

    YSI, a Xylem brand, announces the launch of its new, responsive website — The sleek, modern design now provides YSI customers with easy-to-read and -find products, solutions, and customer support on any size device (from smartphones to tablets to desktop computers).

  7. BOGE Introduces A New Era In The Production Of Oil-Free Compressed Air

    With the development of its new high-speed turbo (HST) technology, BOGE is ushering in a new era in compressed air. The expert in compressed air is achieving decisive improvements compared to the current state of the art by radically reducing the number of components and introducing an extremely intelligent design principle

  8. Stainless Steel Roll Handling Equipment With Lifting Clamp Attachment And Retainers

    New to Packline Materials Handling is the innovativeroll handling equipment with a clamp attachment and retainers to prevent the rolls or drums from slipping or being crushed during lifting and handling

  9. Shifting Consumer Preferences Create Opportunities For The Beverage Packaging Market

    Liquid packaging cartons are used for a variety of products — water, dairy, juices, and soft drinks — and with consumers showing a growing preference for convenience products, this packaging format is expected to experience increased demand in the coming years.

  10. PepsiCo Plans To Abandon Aspartame In Diet Pepsi

    Diet Pepsi drinkers may soon find their favorite drink has made a change. The voice of the consumer has been heard and after years of using aspartame in its signature diet soda, PepsiCo is making a switch to other artificial sweeteners.