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  1. Soda Warning Labels Are One Step Closer To Law In California

    State legislature has passed a bill to put warning labels on soda bottles in an effort to inform consumers and improve public health.

  2. MTS Sensors Introduces Temposonics R-Series Sensor With Ethernet POWERLINK Support

    MTS Systems Corporation , a leading global supplier of test systems and position sensors, has introduced the Ethernet POWERLINK protocol to its portfolio of Temposonics R-Series magnetostrictive linear position sensors

  3. Supply Chain Schools — Training A New Generation

    As Baby Boomers will soon begin exiting the workforce, food and beverage manufacturers’ need for a new generation of supply chain managers is bigger than ever.

  4. InspX Announces Advanced Detection Of Plastic Using X-Ray Inspection Technology

    Detection of plastic foreign material in food and beverage containers has often been one of the hardest inspection applications

  5. Endress+Hauser Announces Deltabar FMD71 dP Level Transmitter

    Endress+Hauser introduces the Deltabar FMD71 level transmitter, which uses two pressure sensor modules, each connected electronically to a single transmitter.

  6. Cargill’s Stevia Project Could Lower Costs For Food And Beverage Manufacturers

    R&D partnership leads to achievement of technical milestone in creation of compounds.

  7. PepsiCo Challenges Coca-Cola In More Than A Thousand Ways

    Beverage maker’s innovative portfolio of dispensers offers consumers flexible choices at select foodservice operator location.

  8. Frontier Beverage Company Subsidiary Signs Production Partnership Agreement

    Frontier Beverage Company subsidiary 22 Social Club Productions has today announced the signing of a Production Partnership agreement with Vinyl Groove Productions for the production of Live Concert Events

  9. Water Is Getting A New Image (And Taste) From Enhancers

    As health concerns push soft drinks aside, water has gained popularity as a go-to beverage, but many consumers want more from their water and enhancers may provide just the flavor they’re looking for.

  10. Evoqua Commercializes Innovative Electrochemical Desalination Technology

    Evoqua Water Technologies has commercialized its innovative, optimized membrane electrochemical desalination technology for adjustable dissolved solids removal capability with its first OEM agreement.

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