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The Alfa Laval filters and strainers are available in two designs, streamline and mainstream filter/strainer units.

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The Alfa Laval filter is a device that removes particles from a given liquid or gas—it includes a disposable medium for removing fine particles of specified micron sizes. The Alfa Laval strainers uses a perforated tube or screen to remove larger particles from a process stream.

Whether your process requires high-volume filtering of fine particles, or simply straining larger solids from a fluid stream, you'll find the solution you need with one of Alfa Laval's Tri-Clover Mainstream & Streamline Filter/Strainersbrand filtration units.

There are two designs to choose from when selecting a Tri-Clover brand filter or strainer. The Streamline and Mainstream filter/strainer units cover a broad range of processing operations, offering the options and features you need for your particular application.

Streamline In-line Filters/Strainers
The Tri-Clover Streamline is the premier filter/strainer in its category. It is the cost-effective choice for low to medium volume filtering and straining applications in the food, dairy, beverage, meat, Streamline Strainercosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Mainstream Basket Filters/Strainers
Tri-Clover Mainstream basket-style units offer maximum flexibility in high capacity applications. Their large surface area and side-entry port allows high flow rates with minimal pressure drop, and they are suited for use in food, dairy, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications.

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