Cobrix 5 Beverage Analyzer

Source: Anton Paar USA

Cobrix 5 Beverage Analyzer
The Cobrix 5 beverage analyzer is a measuring system specially designed for the beverage and beer industry.
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Brochure: Cobrix 5 Beverage Analyzer

The Cobrix 5 is a measuring system specially designed for the beverage and beer industry. With the inline Cobrix 5 beverage analyzer it is now possible to continuously measure °Brix, % Diet, carbon dioxide, alcohol, sugar inversion, original extract and additional parameters inline, directly in the production line with a single analysis system. Cobrix 5 provides instant and highly accurate results, while requiring minimum supervision and maintenance.

Cobrix 5 is a unique measuring system: it is available as either a "bypass version" or an "inline version". The inline version is the preferred option for breweries, which is also increasingly used by soft drink manufacturers.

Inline Installation
The inline version of Cobrix 5 measures the beverages directly in the production line. It is therefore suitable for the hygienic production of all beer types, wine, juices and soft drinks. Using a cut-off adapter, the sensors can be serviced on the filled line, even during production.

Bypass Installation
Cobrix 5 is simple to install in a bypass and easily accessible for service and maintenance. Service can be carried out on filled lines and during production. Cobrix 5 in a bypass is recommended for monitoring diet beverages.

Cobix 5 Beverage Analyzer Applications

  • Regular soft drinks
  • Soft drinks with sugar inversion
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Alcopops (FABs)
  • Mineral water

Features & Benefits

  • Monitor real-time data from any PC in the plant
  • Access for remote operation, maintenance diagnostics and trouble-shooting
  • Up to 50 different measuring values are recorded per beverage
  • Product-specific target limits and alarms for up to 999 beverages
  • Simple, user-friendly adjustment of measurement values
  • Continuous storing interval down to 1 second possible
  • Database technology: SQL database
  • Intuitive handling and easy-to-use software
  • Traceable documentation of all line stops and adjustments
  • Concise statistical evaluation of line performance
  • Individual screen designs
  • Editing of reports
  • Excluding of measurement values

Click Here To Download:
Brochure: Cobrix 5 Beverage Analyzer

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