Cobrix 5 Beverage Analyzer

Source: Anton Paar USA

Cobrix 5 Beverage Analyzer

The Cobrix 5 beverage analyzer is a measuring system specially designed for the beverage and beer industry.

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The Cobrix 5 is a measuring system specially designed for the beverage and beer industry. With the inline Cobrix 5 beverage analyzer it is now possible to continuously measure °Brix, % Diet, carbon dioxide, alcohol, sugar inversion, original extract and additional parameters inline, directly in the production line with a single analysis system. Cobrix 5 provides instant and highly accurate results, while requiring minimum supervision and maintenance.

Cobrix 5 is a unique measuring system: it is available as either a “bypass version” or an “inline version”. The inline version is the preferred option for breweries, which is also increasingly used by soft drink manufacturers.

Features & Benefits

  • Monitor real-time data from any PC in the plant
  • Access for remote operation, maintenance diagnostics and trouble-shooting
  • Up to 50 different measuring values are recorded per beverage
  • Product-specific target limits and alarms for up to 999 beverages
  • Simple, user-friendly adjustment of measurement values
  • Continuous storing interval down to 1 second possible
  • Database technology: SQL database
  • Intuitive handling and easy-to-use software
  • Traceable documentation of all line stops and adjustments
  • Concise statistical evaluation of line performance
  • Individual screen designs
  • Editing of reports
  • Excluding of measurement values

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