Guest Column | August 9, 2011

Cut the Hastle: Hastelloy C-22 vs Hastelloy C-276

Cut the Hastle:  Hastelloy C-22 vs Hastelloy C-276

Material selection can be a difficult decision when you don't understand the differences between two different materials with almost the same cost.

For example, have you ever asked for Hastelloy C-276 material and been recommended Hastelloy C-22 instead? If so, you probably have wondered what the difference is between these two alloys, and why one should be preferred over the other.

Here are few reasons why C-22 is preferred over C-276:

Hastelloy C-22 has a better overall corrosion resistance compared to Hastelloy C-276.

The life of the material—and eventually the costs—depends on its ability to withstand different environments. Looking at the chemical composition of these two materials, C-22 is about 22% chromium, while C-276 only contains 16% chromium. While this 6% difference may seem minimal, the extra chromium provides C-22 with a better corrosion resistance than C-276 in oxidizing environments, thus improving the life of the alloy by 5 to 10 times.

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