Case Study | August 1, 2004

Case Study: Leading Bottled Water Company Relies On USFilter CDI® System to Meet Water Quality, Environmental And Safety Requirements

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

When you’re the first manufacturing plant in the world to meet a rigorous international standard that rates how environmentally friendly you are, and when you’re required by law to limit groundwater use, chances are you’re going to choose an environmentally friendly, water-conserving purification system.

That’s exactly what a leading west coast bottled-water company did. One of the largest bottled water companies in the United States, they are a model of environmental consciousness and a firm believer in employee safety. So, in the summer of 1998, they dispensed with their mixed-bed deionizers in favor of a technology that uses no regeneration chemicals: continuous electrodeionization (CEDI).

“We had been regenerating our mixed beds with acid and caustic of considerable strength, and because we’re an ISO 14,000 facility, we needed to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in our plant,” says the company’s plant manager.

They chose a Evoqua Water Technologies CDI P-System to replace their degasification and mixed-bed equipment. The continuous deionization system continuously produces high-purity water without chemical regeneration or waste neutralization. The P-180 is a highflow-rate, rugged industrial, skidmounted system with a low-per-gallon operating cost. Shipped completely engineered and ready for start-up, unit is designed for automatic operation and easy monitoring.