Freeware | January 9, 2003

Membrane Processes For Water Treatment In The Semiconductor Industry

Source: Membrana

By Rolf Nagel, Dipl-Ing
and Thomas Will, Dipl.-Ing.
Hager + Elsässer GmbH

It is the aim of high-purity water production to either fully eliminate organic and inorganic compounds, particles, and microorganisms from the water or to reduce their concentrations to values below the detection limits of the most advanced analysis methods. Currently, this problem is solved by means of multi-stage process chain, in which membrane technology plays a special role at several points. With the introduction of the 0.25 micron (µm) and 0.18 µm wafer technology, the requirements for the high-purity water treatment plants with regard to the specification as well as flexibility, safety and lead time will be even higher.

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