Datasheet | August 26, 2009

Datasheet: Model 6081-P Wireless pH Transmitter

Source: Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical

The Model 6081-P transmitter is ideal for monitoring applications, especially in hard-to-reach or costprohibitive locations. Model 6081-P measures pH and ORP and is compatible with most Rosemount Analytical pH and ORP sensors. The transmitter has a rugged, cast aluminum weatherproof and corrosionresistant enclosure (NEMA 4X). The transmitter includes a two-line 16-character display with simple and intuitive menu screens. Plain language prompts in six (6) local languages guide the user through the programming and calibration procedures. Model 6081 is compatible with non-preamp pH and ORP sensors and SMART pH sensors from Rosemount Analytical.

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