Pipetite: The Boot That Fits Like A Glove

Central States Industrial (CSI) announces the addition of Pipetite® to its line of products.

Wall and ceiling penetrations have long been a problem to seal and keep sealed since piping is known for thermal expansion and water hammer. Pipetite is a new innovation that will take the abuse and maintain your sanitary processing environment.

Pipetite is a flexible, self-sealing wall boot, constructed of white silicone and 316 stainless steel. The unit fits around a tube or pipe and attaches to a wall or ceiling, forming a flexible seal that can accommodate movement without cracking.

The Pipetite product line includes: Pipetite Standard for new installation, Pipetite ReBoot for existing pipe, and Pipetite Sleeve Boot for tube-in-tube transitions. For more information about Pipetite visit www.pipetite.com or call 800.654.5635.

CSI provides design, custom fabrication and distribution of stainless steel products for the sanitary processing industries, including food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. CSI has approximately 100 employees and has facilities in Springfield, MO; Morrisville, NC; and Fowler, CA.

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