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Density and refractive index measured by one combined system:...
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Brochure: Anton Paar Product Overview

Density and refractive index measured by one combined system:

  • Density and refractive index measurements are typically required for the quality control of flavors, fragrances and perfumes as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry and petrochemistry. Recognizing these demands, Anton Paar and Dr. Kernchen - each a leading manufacturer in their field - have brought together their latest know-how to offer a combined system for the simultaneous measurement of density and refractive index. The complete system is fully supported and serviced by Anton Paar's worldwide distribution network.

  • When combined with a sample changer, you need only 5 ml of sample per measurement. Manual filling of both systems requires even less (approx. 2 ml of sample).

The system consists of the DMA 4500 or DMA 5000 density meter from Anton Paar and the RXA 170 (or RXA 156) ABBEMAT refractometer with micro flow cell from Dr. Kernchen. Peltier thermostats are integrated into both instruments ensuring accurate and automatic temperature control.

Enter the sample identification using a keyboard or bar code reader for increased user-friendliness. The combined system is controlled by one instrument with both results shown on the DMA display. Adding a sample changer enables automatic filling to both instruments, cleaning with 2 rinsing agents and drying. The measuring time is approx. 1 min.

Simply adjust the instruments with air and bidistilled water. If you are measuring high refractive indexes, you may also need to calibrate and adjust using traceable refractive standards 1 to 2 times a year.

Click Here To Download:
Brochure: Anton Paar Product Overview

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