Datasheet | December 28, 2011

Datasheet: Single Ultra-Violet Flame Detector

Source: Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical

Net Safety's Single UV flame detector reacts to the ultraviolet radiation found in hydrocarbon fires, delivering accurate and reliable fire monitoring. The Single UV does not react when exposed to incandescent or fluorescent lighting, heaters or sunlight - meaning false alarms are virtually eliminated.

Enclosed in a rugged, explosion-proof housing, the Single UV uses the latest in microprocessor and UV sensor technology. It is capable of stand-alone operation or can be connected to a variety of control devices to create a dependable flame monitoring system. The user can define sensitivity and time delay settings to virtually eliminate false alarms and the built-in testing routines ensure continuous operation.

The Single UV has a Field of View of up to 120 degrees and is available with analog, analog/relay, analog/HART, or analog/relay/HART output configurations for 12 or 24 VDC systems - just let us know your requirements!

Net Safety's Single UV flame detector is globally certified Class I, Division 1 for hazardous locations to CSA, ATEX, Factory Mutual (FM), ANSI-UL/ISA, INMETRO, and GOST-R performance, technical and safety standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Field of view of up to 120 degrees - Wide coverage per detector
  • Explosion-proof, Class I, Division 1 certified - Suitable for hazardous locations
  • Low Power Consumption, Wide Voltage Range - Lower overall costs, voltage drops non-issue
  • FM, CSA, ANSI/UL, ATEX, INMETRO, and GOST-R certified - Engineered to the highest international standards
  • Multiple Output Options - Analog, Relay, Digital RS485 Modbus RTU protocol, and HART Communication protocol with optional ground-level HART Communicator input
  • Connect indoors and out, directly or up to 2000 feet away - Flexible installation
  • Immune to sunlight and hot body radiation - Limits false alarms caused by nearby activities
  • Adjustable swivel mount - Simplifies installation and lowers cost
  • User programmable sensitivity and time delay settings - Fine tune performance to specific applications
  • Multi-colored, high intensity LEDs - Visual detector status in the field
  • Manual and automatic testing of optical surfaces - Allows maintenance scheduling by evaluating cleanliness
  • Watchdog timer monitors internal electronics - Continuous system self-diagnosis

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