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04.11.12 -- Starbucks Announces Beverage Innovation Using Green Coffee Extract

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Checkweigher
By Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed
While checkweighers are often associated with compliance to regulations, they also boost your bottom line through the reduction of waste, tightening of tolerances, and helping to produce more consistent products.

Osmotic Distillation For Juice Concentration
By Membrana
Osmotic distillation — a separation process in which a liquid mixture containing a volatile component is contacted with a microporous, non-liquid-wettable membrane whose opposite surface is exposed to a second liquid phase capable of absorbing that component — is nearing commercialization for the concentration of beverages and other liquid foodstuffs, and is under evaluation for the concentration of aqueous solutions of thermally labile pharmaceutical products and biologicals.

Bottled Water Company Relies on CDI® System To Meet Water Quality, Environmental, And Safety Requirements
By Siemens Industry, Inc. — Water Technologies
When you're the first manufacturing plant in the world to meet a rigorous international standard that rates how environmentally friendly you are, and when you're required by law to limit groundwater use, chances are you're going to choose an environmentally friendly, water-conserving purification system.

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Starbucks Announces Beverage Innovation Using Green Coffee Extract
MIOX Selected Again To Treat Cooling Water In NIPSCO Power Gen Plant
Ready-To-Drink Cocktails To Go In Eco-Friendly Pouches
Hill Equipment Signs To Greentree Business Management And Accounting Software Solution
Electric Drives In The European Food And Beverage Industry Thrive On Demand For Increasing Energy-Efficiency
Shadow Beverages Selects Closure Systems International Closures
Radioactive Energy Drink Relaunches In 'Glowing' 16 oz. Cans From Rexam
Drink Chia! Omega-3 Superfood Drink Set To Debut In New England
Celsis Rapid Detection Launches New RapiScreen Soy Beverage Kit
Process Seals Expands Compounds Into North American Processing Market
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MIOX® And The Beverage Industry
MIOX® Corp. offers the safest water in the world, providing advanced, cost-effective solutions to the beverage industry for all water treatment applications including plant source water treatment, surface or groundwater, process water treatment, cooling towers on the facility, clean in place (CIP) for syrups and raw sugars, bottle washing, and bottle rinsing.

Effective DE Trap Filtration In The Brewery
Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters, some times called Kieselguhr, pressure leaf, or primary filters, are one of the most prevalent filters found in modern breweries. One of the draw backs with DE filters however, is that they can shed DE fines into the beer, resulting in unacceptable turbidity in the beer and a sediment in the bottom of the beer bottle once allowed to settle.

Packaged Beverage Analyzer For Regular And Diet Soft Drinks
The modular analysis system PBA-SD Generation M measures °Brix in regular soft drinks and diet concentration in diet drinks. It simultaneously determines the CO2 content of the sample.
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