Current Headlines

  1. Saint-Gobain Extends The Bio-Based, Phthalate-Free Technology Of Tygon S3 To Its Entire Portfolio Of Tubing Solutions For Food And Beverage Products

    The Process Systems Business Unit at Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (SGPPL) announces that it has incorporated the technology behind Tygon S3, a safe, smart and sustainable tubing solution, throughout its portfolio of tubing for food, beverage and dairy transfer and dispensing applications.

  2. Quad/Graphics Helps Craft Brewers Tap Into Fresh Solutions At BrewExpo America 2014

    Quad/Graphics, Inc., will highlight its innovative packaging solutions – including graphic and structural designs, inventory management and interactive print applications – at this year’s BrewExpo America show, April 9-10, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver

  3. Praxair Acquires Packaged Gas Distributor In Western Michigan

    Praxair, Inc. announced recently that it has acquired Lake Welding Supply Company, Inc. (Lake), one of the largest independent gas and welding products distributors in western Michigan

  4. ASCC Prepares To Expand Product Portfolio Through New Acquisition

    The Aristocrat Group Corp. is targeting a new brand to add to its growing portfolio that already includes the award-winning RWB Ultra-Premium Handcrafted Vodka and a yet-to-be-released spirit that has already generated anticipation in the beverage market with its ground-breaking category of distilled spirits packaging

  5. Frost & Sullivan: ANZ Functional Beverages Market Offers Innovative Organic Products And New Flavours To Meet Customer Demands

    Functional beverage manufacturers are acknowledging consumer demand for natural and organic beverages by investing in product innovation, new flavours, and the introduction of balanced nutrients and environment-friendly packages

  6. MTS Sensors Introduces Stainless Steel Version Of Temposonics EH Sensor

    MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division, has introduced a 316L grade stainless steel version of the company’s Temposonics EH linear positioning sensor for industrial applications

  7. Alcoa Expands Brazil Rolling Mill To Capture Growing Demand For Specialty Packaging In Latin America

    Alcoa announced a $40M  investment (100 million BRL) in its Itapissuma, Brazil, rolling mill to increase production of specialty foils for aseptic and flexible packages

  8. Lifting Rolls Of Film Or Foil With The Rotating Tray Attachment

    New to Packline and Ultrasource, the heavy-duty rotating tray attachment is suitable for lifting rolls of film or foil up to a required height, rotating the roll and then loading onto processing machinery as specified

  9. Innovations Advance Sustainability In Food And Beverage Packaging

    To meet the demands of consumers, food and beverage manufacturers must dream up new ways to boost sustainability in packaging… even if the solution is less than realistic.

  10. InspX Summarizes The Benefits Of X-Ray Inspection Technology Over Metal Detectors

    Metal detectors have long been used in food and beverage applications for the detection of metal contaminants. However, in many applications metal detectors have limitations that make X-Ray inspection a better choice