Product Showcase

  1. Portable Alcohol Meter For Distillates: Snap 50

    The portable alcohol meter Snap 50 measures distillates in all strengths within seconds: from pure distillates to samples taken during watering down to drinkable strength and ready-to-drink spirits.

  2. Versa Rx High-Accuracy, High-Rate Checkweigher

    The Thermo Scientific Versa Rx checkweigher provides superior quality to meet the most demanding performance standards.

  3. Filter Vessels

    Covering a wide variety of process applications within diverse markets, Parker offers a broad choice of liquid and gas filters and housings that exceed industry requirements, providing high flow rates, long service life and low product binding in often demanding environments. 

  4. Filter Integrity Test Equipment

    The performance of sterile gas filter systems is critical to a plant’s Quality Assurance objective of protecting their product from contamination during production and packaging. 

  5. Liquid Filters

    Parker’s wide selection of liquid filtration solutions ensure compliance with maximum purity standards and requirements, with applications across multiple markets.

  6. Air And Gas Filters

    Parker offers process air and gas filters with applications across multiple industries for the removal of elements including water, oil aerosols, solid particulates, microorganisms and dust.

  7. STEAM Filters

    Steam is an often neglected part of a process, regarded as an add on to a customers liquid or gas filtration needs.

  8. PEPLYN HD Filter Cartridges

    PEPLYN HD filter cartridges have been developed to excel in liquid clarification applications where a consistent quality of filtrate is required from variable particle loadings of the process solution.

  9. PEPLYN HA Filter Cartridges

    PEPLYN HA filters have been specifically developed to provide the optimum solution for particulate removal in liquid clarification applications.

  10. CRYPTOCLEAR PLUS Filter Cartridges

    CRYPTOCLEAR PLUS pleated filter cartridges have been designed specifically for the removal of Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia intestinalis from water in the food, beverage and healthcare industries.

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