Current Headlines

  1. Amcor Unveils New PET Stock Bottle Collection For Dairy, Aseptic, And High-Pressure Processed Beverages

    Amcor Rigid Plastics, the world’s leading producer of rigid plastic packaging, has launched a new collection of crystal clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) stock bottles and preforms for dairy, aseptic, and high-pressure processed (HPP) liquid beverages

  2. Linde Starts Up Carbon Dioxide Plant In Texas
  3. New Technology Turns Brewery Waste Into Drinkable Water

    Wastewater seems to be a new frontier for resources around the country.

  4. Phivida Launches Premium CBD Extracts, Beverages And Wholesale Hemp Oil

    With the successful passing of legalization in California, Phivida Inc. has officially launched their premium line of Hemp Oil products into the USA health and wellness marketplace. Phivida products are now available online at and coming soon to a national network of retail distribution across the USA

  5. FANUC Robotics Integrator Remtec Automation Announces Growth In Automated Robotic Material Handling Projects

    Remtec Automation, LLC, a leader in flexible robotic automation, today announced it has seen a sharp rise in the number of automated robotic material handling, pick-and-place, palletizing and case-packing projects

  6. Packline Announce The New Fully Motorised Attachment For Handling Rolls Of Film, Foil And Paper

    The all-new fully motorised vertical spindle attachment from Packline has been designed to enable the handling, lifting and rotation of rolls of film, foil, paper and other packaging materials. The roll handling attachment is constructed from stainless steel and suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as other hygienic clean room applications

  7. Private Label Packaging Market Driven By Growing Food And Beverage Industry

    Packaging became a need of a product launch strategy, from the past decade. Packaging is the need of all industries, from designing to printing and from raw material supplies to processing. Packaging industry witnessed large scale technology adoption regarding equipment, films, and packaging methods

  8. Bottled Water From Wal-Mart Contained Window Cleaner, Says Customer

    Wal-Mart may be in trouble after a customer reported that he was injured when drinking what he had believed to be store brand water, but contained a chemical similar to window cleaner.

  9. Researchers Claim New Use For Brewery Wastewater

    Scientists say a recent breakthrough makes it possible to put brewery wastewater to good use.

  10. Beer Handout At Center Of New DPR Campaign

    The latest public-relations strategy for direct potable reuse (DPR) is simple: Give people beer.