News | August 29, 2017

BizVibe Examines The Impact Brexit Will Have On The UK's Chocolate Industry


Consumers are expressing concerns about the size and quality of chocolate in the UK as Brexit picks up steam. Brexit’s impact on the sugar confectionery industry is still unclear, but BizVibe believes that Britain’s split from the European Union will ultimately have a detrimental effect on sweets and those who love them.

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BizVibe Examines the Impact Brexit Will Have on the UK's Chocolate Industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

BizVibe Examines the Impact Brexit Will Have on the UK’s Chocolate Industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

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In a recent article titled UK Chocolate Sizes Continue to Shrink as Industry Faces New Challenges, BizVibe examines the potential impact that Brexit will have on the United Kingdom’s chocolate industry.

According to BizVibe, Brexit may result in smaller chocolate bars and potentially steeper prices. While many chocolate industry leaders intend to stay in the UK post-Brexit, they will likely face new challenges. Take the chocolate giant Cadbury, the company has asserted its intent to stay in the UK, but BizVibe predicts it may have to raise its products’ prices, reduce their sizes, or do both to stay profitable.

BizVibe also says that new recommendations from health authorities, including Public Health England (PHE), could impact this changing market. PHE is advocating for companies to reduce sugar to effectively address the issue of childhood obesity in the UK. While many companies are already working towards cutting the amount of sugar in their products, the PHE’s targets are difficult for others to meet without suffering financial losses.

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