Company Profile | January 1, 1996

drum transfers, Pro-Flo, Turbo 225, solenoids, air distribution systems, diaphragms

Source: Wilden Pump & Engineering Co.
drum transfers, Pro-Flo, Turbo 225, solenoids, air distribution systems, diaphragms
Pioneered by Wilden Pump & Engineering Company in 1955, the air operated, double-diaphragm pump has become the most reliable and versatile pump on the market. Wilden's products are designed and manufactured for both general and specialized applications. Wilden has the infrastructure in place to cost effectively design, prototype, test, manufacture and market new products. Our goal of developing new technology has revolutionized the way you solve your toughest pumping solutions.

All Wilden pumps are built to order, giving you the freedom to specify special materials and designs to meet your needs. Wilden ensures a quality product before materials even enter our plant by utilizing the latest in Quality Control procedures. ISO 9001 certification guarantees consistent manufacturing processes, while the latest in CAD and CAM techniques assist our R&D staff in developing state-of-the-art pumps and accessories. Each pump is tested and inspected before being shipped to your facility.

Wilden distributors can be found across the globe. Located in 56 countries, Wilden authorized distributors are considered the best in their field. Each distributor is a full stocking, full service facility capable of attending to all of your daily maintenance needs as well as emergency situations. They are educated in specifying, installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining your liquid process system. To find the authorized distributor near you, visit our page on the World Wide Web.