News | May 9, 2017

Infiniti Research Explores Market Opportunities For The Filtration Equipment Industry


Water and oxidization deposits and foreign particles are responsible for more than 80% of all process breakdowns. These breakdowns increase maintenance and replacement costs, and stall production. This is leading to increased demand for filtration equipment from a variety of industries, including food and beverage, textiles, and chemicals.

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Infiniti Research helps companies identify new market opportunities. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Infiniti Research helps companies identify new market opportunities. (Graphic: Business Wire)

This trend will expand the market opportunities for filtration equipment manufacturers but will also increase the competition in this already highly-competitive market. High competition can threaten profits, production, and overall success. Additionally, manufacturers are encouraged to increase their operations by innovations and overall increasing demand, high competition makes it difficult to expand into new markets. To combat this issue, organizations are increasingly making use of market intelligence, allowing them to develop effective growth strategies to enter new markets and stay one step ahead of competitors.

Filtration Equipment Market Opportunities

A leading manufacturer of steam management systems, peristaltic pumps, and the associated fluid path technologies approached Infiniti Research to engage in a market opportunity study that would help them to identify the key application areas for niche filtration equipment. The main focus of this assessment was to help the client assess niche filtration segments in North America and Europe, and identify the niche market segments that offer above-average CAGRs and support high net margins.

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After collecting and analyzing data over a period of 8 weeks, a detailed assessment of research findings and deliverables for the potential of the filtration equipment market in specific regions was presented to the client. Information in the report included:

  • Primary and secondary market segmentation
  • Key market and technology trends
  • Key market players
  • Key segment trends (e.g. changing customer needs, buying patterns, PEST factors)
  • Assessment of the structure of the market across filter material manufacturers, manufacturers of finished filter products and solutions, and other influencers/channels (consultants, contractors)
  • Approvals required in certain segments (including standards, certifications, regulatory requirements)
  • And more

How Can Infiniti Research Help You?

Infiniti Research provides smart solutions to address your business challenges. Their team of industry experts deliver high-quality to support to help organizations maximize presence in the global market. In their filtration equipment market assessment, Infiniti Research developed an extensive proprietary database, consisting of information on more than two million industry specialists, key distributors, major competitors, and end users in order to assess challenges specific to the industrial and manufacturing industry.

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