News | May 2, 2019

Introducing VIPRA, A New Brand For The Next Generation Of Wine Lovers


Frederick Wildman and Sons, leading importers of the world’s finest wines and spirits, announced today the launch of VIPRA, a sweet, drinkable and accessible red wine crafted for the modern millennial – aka “Delta” – generation. The newest brand to shake up the red wine category comes to market with its first variant – VIPRA Rosso Dolce Sweet Red – now available nationwide.

VIPRA is delicately sweet and slightly fizzy, with red fruit aromas. Best served chilled, the sultry, low-ABV ruby wine is both easy to drink and versatile. VIPRA can be enjoyed on its own, mixed with fruit and fruit juices, or combined with other spirits as part of a variety of creative cocktails.

According to VIPRA, “This new generation of wine drinkers is taking over a significant portion of wine consumption and revolutionizing what the industry once was. VIPRA is a high-quality, yet affordable wine ideally suited to accompany the lifestyles and preferences of today’s consumers. It’s also more versatile than a traditional red.”

Designed to appeal to the Delta palate and complement the experiences that inspire them most; VIPRA pairs brilliantly with a wide range of cuisines and makes for a refreshing, contemporary aperitif. It’s striking packaging is comprised of a snakeskin-printed label. It features the brand’s viper snake insignia; daring consumers to “get bitten” by the newest offering to hit retail shelves.

Later this year, VIPRA will introduce canned packaging in addition to its 750ml bottle. VIPRA is convenient in 250ml slim cans to be sold as both singles and in four-packs. Making them easily transportable to whomever enjoys them.

VIPRA Rosso Dolce Sweet Red, 750ml bottles are available at all retailers nationwide. The suggested retail price is $14.99. For cocktail and recipes, plus serving suggestions, visit VIPRA online at and follow VIPRA on Instagram at @VIPRAWINES.

About Frederick Wildman

Frederick Wildman and Sons is a New York based fine wine importer, offering the leading properties from France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and other regions. Its portfolio includes ASTICA, CAVICCHIOLI, CHRISTIAN MOREAU, LA LINDA, FOLONARI, HECHT & BANNIER, HUGEL, MELINI, MICHEL TORINO, PASCAL JOLIVET, POL ROGER, and SANTI.



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