News | November 23, 2020

J&J Green Paper Aims To Stop Single-Use Plastics For Good


J&J Green Paper, an innovative paper products technology firm based in Miami, is tackling a well-known environmental hazard: single-use plastics and especially the notorious single-serve coffee brewing pods popularized by Keurig. According to data published by the Atlantic, enough K-cups ended up in landfills in 2014 that if placed end-to-end, they would circle the globe 10.5 times.

The company, which has invested eight years developing a cutting-edge solution to the critical issue of paper waste, more than half of which is produced for packaging, is now looking forward to the future. That future is JANUS, a patent-pending green paper technology that uses environmentally safe components to treat paper and packaging to eliminate chemical byproducts while enabling moisture resistance.

The innovative alternative packaging company understands that the convenience factor of paper packaging isn’t going anywhere, so they set to work on developing alternatives that are both green and easy to use, including sustainable k-cups, paper and aseptic packaging, food prep paper, wine and soda bottles and milk and ice cream cartons.

“A green solution that enables paper to take on many of the best characteristics of plastic while being biodegradable, recyclable, and backyard compostable is the holy grail of sustainability,” explained Raul Sanchez-Elia, president of J&J Green Paper.

The paper and plastics industry has taken notice. This August, J&J Green Paper licensed its proprietary formula to CST Green Resources Limited (CST) of Hong Kong in a deal with undisclosed terms. CST will manufacture green paper products using J&J’s technology in facilities in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore with plans for eventual distribution throughout Southeast Asia.

The CST deal is the first step in J&J’s strategy to make its cost-effective and environmentally responsible technology available worldwide. Discussions are underway with several international companies regarding the use of J&J technology for packaging, and the company will announce additional deals by the end 2020.

“There is a revolution happening in the paper and packaging industry and we are at the forefront of workable solutions to combat the problem of packaging waste head-on,” said Sanchez-Elia.

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