Meeting Water Quality Specifications For 300 mm Processing

Source: 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division
Fred Wiesler
Celgard Inc.
Charlotte, NC

Chun-Te Kao
Auspring Co., Ltd.
Charlotte, NC

Fred Wiesler is the Technical Sales Manager for Celgard Inc. He has over ten years experience in the field of membrane separations. He has authored several papers on membrane-based applications and holds patents on the design of membrane contactors. He is currently responsible for sales and service of Celgard Inc.'s membrane contactor product line for Asia.

Chun-Te Kao manages Celgard product lines for Auspring Co., Ltd. He acts as sales representative of Celgard Inc. for Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has many years of work experience in the field of membrane separations for the semiconductor industry.

This paper reviews the historical ultrapure water specifications and compares them to the specifications for state of the art 300 mm manufacturing. As the design rule has evolved to 0.13 µm, the ultrapure water specifications have made similar evolutions. This paper discusses these evolutions and focuses on the state of the art technologies that are available to meet these specifications. Major components in the water system are discussed and their purpose is reviewed. In addition, environmental concerns, operating costs and plant productivity are also discussed. In conclusion, the authors give general considerations and advice on system design.

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