Newsletter | September 14, 2007

9.14.07 -- Safer Baby Food With Aseptic Packaging Technology
Featured Article
Safer Baby Food With Aseptic Packaging Technology
By Andreas Niemcewicz, Bosch Packaging Technology, Pharmaceutical and Aseptic Product Division

Continuous enhancements in safety and sterilization are essential to baby food manufactures and processors. Brand trust by consumers is essential in this sector of the food industry. Bosch Packaging Technology, the worldwide leader in food, confectionery, and aseptic packaging machinery has recently launched new equipment for this sector that is truly next generation in terms of safety and security. The Servac-TFA 4830 is a sophisticated mid-to high-capacity aseptic thermoform/fill & seal machine that replaces traditional glass jars with safe and convenient plastic cups. This newly redesigned machine provides processors of baby and particulate food higher levels of safety and product sterility over traditional glass jars. The Servac-TFA 4830 machine also provides a streamlined production process that consumes less energy and is more cost effective...

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Featured Products
AMVn Automated Microviscometer
The AMVn determines the dynamic and kinematic viscosity of transparent and opaque liquids fully automatically. The AMVn is the most accurate instrument on the market and also very easy to use. Its compact design saves you lab space...

Coextruded Insert Molded High Pressure Extension Tubing Line
Qosina is pleased to offer an insert molded high pressure coextruded nylon/polyurethane extension tubing line (Part #33014). The line consists of tubing with a polycarbonate female luer lock on one end and a rotating polycarbonate male luer lock on the other...

Liqui-Flux® Filtration Modules
Liqui-Flux Ultrafiltration Modules provide one of the highest surface areas of any capillary filter. The three-layer membrane structure offers high flux and durability and uses less than half the energy of other filters. Liqui-Flux modules are designed to filter surface, brackish, potable, municipal, process water and water feeding RO desalination systems...

Bins And Bin Systems
Bins and bin systems are the accepted industry standard for powder handling applications where close containment is essential. Custom Powder Systems bins and bin systems are used in virtually all powder handling and processing applications, and will be custom designed to meet your specific requirements...

Tangential Full Cones (422 Series)
Lechler's patented tangential full cone nozzles use no internal inserts or vanes, thus insuring maximum clog resistance. The unique design generates a precise, uniform spray distribution, for spray performance and reliability that's superior to conventional insert-dependent tangential full cone nozzles. Spray angles are extremely stable, regardless of pressure fluctuation...

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Brochure: FZX Series Liquid Ring Pump
With it's specially designed impeller and housing, the FZX Series maintains it's prime when other pumps become air bound. This feature combined with it's ability to produce a vacuum, makes it an excellent CIP return pump when complete removal of fluids is needed...
Brochure: Automatic Inspection Systems
Safeguard your product integrity with Safeline X-ray Type 42 conveyor inspection system, one of Safeline's new generation of intelligent product inspection systems...
Datasheet: TOTE® Valu-Line Bins
Tote's containers were the first, and to this day remain unsurpassed in their ability to efficiently transport and contain bulk materials...
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FS/TEC 2007 - Networking for Profits
October 10-13, 2007
Atlanta, GA...
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