News | May 5, 2017

SpendEdge Releases Their Findings For Lightweighting In The Food And Beverage Industry


Packaging manufacturers and food vendors are increasingly turning to the practice of lightweighting in order to save on shipping costs and lower their overall expenses. This can also reduce their carbon footprint, which is a growing concern for organizations around the world.

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SpendEdge evaluates lightweighting in the food and beverage industry. (Graphic: Business Wire)

SpendEdge evaluates lightweighting in the food and beverage industry. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Procurement market intelligence firm SpendEdge examines the advantages and challenges of lightweighting in its blog Lightweighting in the Food and Beverage Supply Chain.

In the blog, SpendEdge observes that “In terms of beverage procurement, the current focus is on making bottles lighter and reducing cap size. Recycling centers are generally not equipped to deal with beverage caps, so smaller caps mean less waste (and, in a small way, less weight).”

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However, “lightweighting can still end up at odds with sustainability. Lightweight packaging materials are often not recyclable, or at least the cheaper ones aren’t. These products are often multi-compositional and simply end up in a landfill, unlike heavier materials such as glass.”

Many organizations are currently working to develop packaging solutions that are both lightweight and environmentally friendly. As new innovations are made, lightweighting in the food and beverage industry will become easier to implement, reducing both costs and pollution.

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