News | March 12, 2014

ABB Publishes Swirl Meter Application Guide


ABB’s Measurement Products’ business announces the availability of a 28-page application guide for Swirl flowmeters. The guide describes how ABB's unique Swirl flowmeters contribute advantages to a variety of industrial applications. It covers flow measurement in six major industries: power, chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, metals and mining, and food and beverage. Flow applications reported include steam, acids, solvents, water, petrochemicals, and a variety of gases.

For many of the applications covered, the advantages that swirl meters provide are wide measurement ranges and high accuracies along with less need for straight pipe runs. The guide adds that Swirl meters are insensitive to dirt and pollution bearing flows. With an optional integrated temperature sensor, Swirl meters can measure mass flow rates of saturated steam. They also provide multiple signal paths for volume flow, totalization, and pulse outputs.

The guide also notes that Swirl meters are often less expensive than alternative flowmeters. It compares ownership costs with several alternative flowmeter types, and includes a table of key technical data.

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Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics