News | May 7, 2024

Acquisition Of ACMI, SACMI Beverage And Labelling

Omnia Technologies acquires ACMI, SACMI Beverage and Labelling to create a leading provider of turnkey high-speed beverage automation solutions.

A leading automation and bottling technologies group for the food and beverage industry creates a new High-Speed Beverage Division with a combined turnover of €280M

Omnia Technologies, a leading platform for automation and bottling technologies for the spirits, wine, beverage, dairy and pharma industries, launches a new high-speed beverage division focused on bottling-labelling-packaging technologies through the acquisitions of ACMI, SACMI Beverage and SACMI Labelling.

Headquartered in Fornovo di Taro (Parma, Italy), ACMI is a global leading designer and producer of complete packaging and bottling lines, mostly for the food and beverage industry, where it is often the primary contractor and line integrator. Founded in 1984, the company has five production facilities across Northern Italy and four commercial branches in Mexico, Poland, the UK and the USA. Its product portfolio includes palletisers and depalletisers, cartoning machines, wrappers, handlers, multifunctional robots and transportation systems. ACMI has a turnover of approximately €100M and a workforce of approximately 420 employees.

As result of the significant strategic investments undertaken and know-how developed by SACMI in the high-speed beverage bottling and labelling sectors over the last decades, today SACMI Beverage and SACMI Labelling are among the most recognised players in the market:

  • Based in Parma (Italy), SACMI Beverage provides standalone equipment and complete high-speed blowing and bottling lines for PET/rPET (virgin/recycled PET plastic), metal cans and glass packaging of liquid products. It also includes form-fill-seal technology for the dairy sector and bag-in-box solutions for the wine sector. SACMI Beverage has a turnover of approximately €110M, a workforce of approximately 160 employees, and an installed base of more than 600 machines;
  • Based in Verona (Italy) and Nanhai (China), SACMI Labelling provides automatic labelling solutions, suitable for glass, plastic and metal containers for the high-speed beverage, beer, food, detergents and wine sectors. SACMI Labelling has a turnover of approximately €70M, employs approximately 300 workers and has an installed base of more than 1,700 machines;
  • SACMI Beverage and SACMI Labelling share a global network of branches across France, Spain, Morocco, Nigeria, Singapore, UAE, Brazil, Mexico and the USA.

The creation of the new high-speed beverage division will significantly broaden Omnia Technologies’ portfolio within the bottling and packaging industry, enhancing its ability to offer state-of-the-art end-to-end solutions to clients in the high-speed beverage industry, specifically in combination with the beverage processing machineries and technologies designed and manufactured by TMCI Padovan and Della Toffola, brands already part of Omnia Technologies. Moreover, Omnia Technologies will be able to acquire and strengthen its local presence in highly attractive regions, such as the Americas, Africa and Asia, where its full product portfolio will be offered.

“Omnia Technologies’ strategic focus revolves around technology, sustainability and service for our customers. We share these values with SACMI and the Magri family, and the combination of these three businesses will now allow Omnia Technologies to provide even more customised and bespoke solutions, enhancing our ability to offer a first-class service in the market” emphasises Andrea Stolfa, CEO of Omnia Technologies. “The newly established division, operating in seamless synergy with our other segment brands – Ave Technologies and Z-Italia – will enrich and complement our extensive portfolio of solutions dedicated to the beverage industry. I would like to thank both SACMI and the Magri family for supporting the execution of such a strategic transaction”.

Source: Omnia Technologies Group