News | April 27, 2021

C4® Smart Energy Debuts Natural Zero Energy Drink Made With High-Quality Ingredients That Deliver Real Results

New Performance Energy Drink is Formulated for Energy and Focus Support with Plant-Based Energy & Zero Artificial Sweeteners

Austin, TX /PRNewswire/ - Nutrabolt, a global leader in sports nutrition and the maker of the nation's fastest growing performance energy drink lineup, C4®Energy expands its C4® Smart Energy offerings with the debut of C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero. This release underscores the brand's mission to innovate and inspire by creating products that are accessible to all and maximize human potential. C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero contains zero sugar or artificial sweeteners, zero calories and zero artificial flavors, never compromising on taste.

C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero offers plant-based energy, derived from green tea extract, that delivers anytime energy and alertness, alongside Cognizin® citicoline, which provides brain health support and amplifies focus, attention, as well as recall. Available in three great-tasting flavors, Cherry Lime, Blackberry, and Grapefruit, C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero is naturally sweetened with Stevia and contains no artificial colors or dyes, providing fans a superior advantage to conquer any task or workout.

"We have been perfecting the C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero formula for nearly two years now in response to the growing demand from our C4® Energy family," said Doss Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer of Nutrabolt. "Since the very beginning, over 18 years ago, we have never compromised, only using the best high-quality ingredients that are backed by science, and the creation of C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero is no exception."

C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero, available in 12 packs of 12 fl. oz cans for $27.99, joins C4® Energy's current offerings of ready-to-drink energy beverages including C4® Energy, C4® Smart Energy, and C4® Ultimate. C4® Energy is available in all 50 states, internationally, and online at

"C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero formula speaks to a new and growing wave of energy drink fans, who are seeking a better-for-you alternative to the traditional, high sugar content energy drinks," said Rajaa Grar, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer of Nutrabolt. "The C4® Energy lineup is always-growing and ever-evolving, and after years of testing and refining, we're pleased to now offer a naturally sweetened, plant-based energy alternative in our family of delicious and effective performance energy drinks. The taste of C4® Smart Energy Natural Zero is unparalleled, and we are confident our fans are going to love it."

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About Nutrabolt
Nutrabolt is a global leader in sports nutrition and better-for-you performance beverages, known and trusted by millions of active individuals, fitness fanatics, elite athletes, and people looking to optimize their performance in all aspects of life in and out of the gym. The company's portfolio includes industry-leading sports nutrition brands: Cellucor® – the original maker of C4®, the bestselling pre-workout in America, and XTEND® - the number one BCAA brand in the world. The C4® product line has recently transcended the sports nutrition market to become the fastest growing performance energy beverage in the nation while accelerating its market share expansion within the sports nutrition category. The sustained growth, scale, and popularity of C4® has recently prompted company management to establish C4® as its own distinct brand. Nutrabolt's portfolio, which is distributed in over 150 countries, is sold through the company's owned e-commerce platforms, and is available at leading retailers across the nation, including Walmart, Costco, Amazon, 7-Eleven, GNC, Target, Kroger, Walgreens, and the Vitamin Shoppe.

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