News | May 7, 1999

Children's Beverage Group to Open Manufacturing Facility

The Children's Beverage Group (Northbrook, IL) has signed a letter of intent to open the first stand-up pouchmaking beverage facility, utilizing its patented self-contained fluid dispensing system in the U.S.

The 120,000-sqft facility located in Rochester, NY, will utilize all of the latest beverage machinery and packaging technology, strictly dedicated to the delivery of the children's stand-up pouch in the U.S.

"This one of a kind manufacturing facility will give The Children's Beverage Group, Inc. an additional 30 million dollar manufacturing capacity for the year 2000," said Jon Darmstadter, president and CEO.

The Children's Beverage Group is a beverage company directed at the children's beverage market. Established in 1995, the company creates products under its trademarked spring water beverage, "BrainForest" and "BrainSlush", and patented "Rip it sip it" pouch product line.