News | April 11, 2001

Coca-Cola to introduce apple-flavored soft drink

To meet local consumer needs, a new soft drink is being introduced and another is returning to Southern California. Manzana Mía, a new crisp, apple-flavored soft drink is being introduced by Coca-Cola North America and Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Southern California. Similar to the popular Manzana Lift, a product of The Coca-Cola Company sold in Mexico, Manzana Mía refreshes with the delicious taste and smell of apples. Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Southern California has also reintroduced Fanta – The Coca-Cola Company's second largest brand that, until now, has been distributed primarily outside of the United States – in flavors orange, grape, strawberry and pineapple.

"Consumers are telling us what they want, and we're listening," said Terry Fitch, vice president and general manager, Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Southern California. "Many Southern Californians know about Manzana Lift and have expressed enthusiasm for having it available here in the U.S. They have also told us that they want more fruit-flavored carbonated beverages."

We want the people we serve to know that we will continue to add new products and new flavors to our growing family of brands as their needs grow and change."

In celebration of the rollout of Manzana Mía and Fanta, Coca-Cola will soon introduce "Fiesta de Bienvenida," an in-store promotion that will offer Southern Californians a chance to win a brand new barbecue grill, $100 worth of food and free Manzana Mía and Fanta beverages. Beginning April 23, promotional point-of-sale will appear in participating independent supermarkets and food stores throughout Southern California. To enter, consumers fill out a "Fiesta de Bienvenida" entry form found at participating Manzana Mía and Fanta retailers. In mid-May, a winning entry will be drawn and Coca-Cola will deliver prizes to the doorstep of the Manzana Mía and Fanta "Fiesta de Bienvenida" winner.

In addition, consumers will be able to try Manzana Mía and Fanta through product sampling at various retail locations and at community festivals and events throughout Southern California. (Specifics of these sampling activities to be announced at a later date.)

The Launch and Rollout of Manzana Mía and Fanta

Manzana Mía and Fanta began hitting store shelves in March. Fanta was originally launched by The Coca-Cola Company in 1960. It is now marketed and distributed by the Coca-Cola system in 188 countries worldwide.

"The introduction of Manzana Mía and Fanta in Southern California demonstrates both The Coca-Cola Company's strategy of 'thinking and acting locally' and Coca-Cola North America's dedication to developing new, innovative products to respond to consumer need," said Jeff Werderman, vice president, West Region Division, Coca-Cola North America. "In this case, we evaluated our international beverage portfolio and decided to introduce the Manzana Lift and Fanta beverage concepts in Southern California, adapting their positioning and packaging to meet local consumer preferences."

Manzana Mía's packaging features a bright red apple logo against a light green background, with "Manzana Mía" splashed across its center. Fanta's colorful packaging features the Fanta trademark with distinctive orange, grape, strawberry and pineapple fruit graphics.

Manzana Mía and Fanta are available in 2-liter bottles, 20-ounce bottles and in 4-pack, 12-ounce cans.

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Southern California has produced, marketed and distributed Coca-Cola products for almost one hundred years, beginning its bottling operations in Los Angeles in 1902. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Southern California, the local Coca-Cola bottler serving Southern California, the Central Coast and Southern Nevada, is a division of Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc., the world's largest marketer, distributor, and producer of bottled and canned liquid nonalcoholic refreshment.

SOURCE: Coca-Cola Bottling Company