News | June 16, 2020

Compfil Range Of Products For The Filtration Of Compressed Air

Porvair Filtration Group offers a range of products for the filtration of compressed air, with typical application including aseptic packaging, bio-technology, water treatment systems and the food and beverage industry.

We have consolidated our range of products in order to deliver the optimum solutions to industry.

These filters exhibit a range of different properties and are used within many industrial processes for the removal of particulates from compressed gas and air streams.

Compfil DF
The Compfil DF filter, composed of a three dimensional borosilicate depth media, achieves a void volume of 95%, ensuring a high containment capacity at high flow rates and low differential pressure.

Compfil AC
Compfil AC absolute-rated activated carbon filters are designed for the removal of oil vapour and other hydrocarbons. These filter elements consist of a two-stage filtration process. All particles are retained within the nanofiber depth filter media, while the activated carbon adsorbs all oil vapours and gaseous hydrocarbons. The filter can achieve residual oil content of <0.003 mg/m3 with appropriate pre-filtration.

Compfil IA
Compfil IA are high performance industrial air filters with nanotechnology that remove water and oil aerosols as well as particulates from compress air and gas. Thanks to the unique combination of binder-free, non-woven nanofibre filter and pleating technology, these high performance filters can achieve a 70% reduction in energy costs, as well as improve filtration performance.

The nanofibre material is naturally oleophobic. Oil and water are actively rejected, so the differential pressure drop and therefore operational costs are reduced to a minimum compared with a conventional filter element.

Compfil PC
A sterile depth filter for process air and gases, the Compfil PC is a pleated depth filter with inner and outer guard and end caps made of stainless steel. Consisting of a three-dimensional borosilicate depth media, the PC achieves a void volume of 95%, ensuring a high containment capacity at high flow rates and low differential pressure.

Compfil SF
A sintered steel sterile filter for gases, liquids and steam. The Compfil SF consists of a re-generable isostatically pressed filter cylinder made from sintered stainless steel. The retention rate ranges from 1μm to 25μm.

Compfil SH
The Compfil SH stainless steel filter housings, which are available in 18 different sizes, are used for the purification of compressed air and other gases. There are 18 different sizes for operating volumes from 60 Nm3/h (38 SCFM) to 23,040 Nm3/h (14,554 SCFM) related to 7 barg (101.5psi).

Source: Porvair Filtration Group