News | August 29, 2008

Emerson's Micro Motion Coriolis Transmitter Is Ideal For Food & Beverage And Life Science Industries

Boulder, CO - Emerson Process Management has expanded the range of compact Micro Motion 2400S transmitters with the introduction of a 316L stainless steel housing as an option to the standard polyurethane-painted aluminium housing. The integral mounting transmitters, in either style of housing, can also now also be ordered with DeviceNet or PROFIBUS DP communication protocols.

Rated to IP66 and IP67, the corrosion resistant stainless steel housing is ideal for applications where instruments are subjected to regular caustic wash-downs, which are typically found in the food, beverage and life science industries. The 316L construction is also ideally suited for marine and offshore environments. The integral mounting transmitter removes the need for remotely mounted transmitters in a non-wash down or safe area enclosure, simplifying the installation and reducing costs.

DeviceNet and PROFIBUS DP are widely used in the food, beverage, and life science industries with PLCs. Direct digital communications with the PLCs means that two wires can now carry secondary and tertiary process variables and instrument/process diagnostic information, as well as the primary measurement. The result is that one instrument can provide flow, density and temperature measurements, eliminating the need for multiple sensors and the wiring/configuration costs associated with them. In addition, digital communications unlock instrument diagnostic information, such as drive gain, meter verification and other alarms. This brings the full power of Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density devices into the user's host system.

The new options for the Model 2400S transmitter enable users to take advantage of the superior performance of Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis meters in their wash down process applications. The new transmitter has C1D2 or Zone 2 approvals and features the latest generation MVD(TM) digital processing technology which provides enhanced accuracy, stability and versatility. Because the Model 2400S mounts integrally on Micro Motion ELITE sensors, it is easily installed and commissioned, with an optional display showing process variables and diagnostics at a glance. In situ meter verification is also available with the 2400 transmitter, allowing users to perform a complete flow meter check in less than four minutes. This eliminates disruptions caused by traditional meter tests and ensures that the meter is performing to factory specification.

The Model 2400S transmitter provides next-generation performance in an innovative, compact package, integrally mounted on Micro Motion ELITE flowmeters. Difficult applications become easy with ultra-fast meter response time, the ability to handle high degrees of air entrainment, and built-in smart diagnostics that alert you to problems before they impact the process.

SOURCE: Emerson Process Management