STA-PURE® Fluid Tubing

Source: CSI

STA-PURE® Fluid Tubing
Gore PharmBIO's STA-PURE® tubing, for peristalic pumps and pinch valves, resist high pressure and high machanical stress and provide and unmatched performance in demanding applications.

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Datasheet: STA-PURE® Fluid Tubing

GORE™ STA-PURE® high resiliance pump tubing for Peristalic Pumps and Pinch Valves helps critical fluid handling processes run more cost-effectively. It delivers superior protection against bursting and product contamination – over a much longer time compared to conventional tubes. It maintains stable flow rates over time, handles high pressures, and high mechanical stress and virtually eliminates spallation. Using GORE™ STA-PURE® tubing means fewer changeouts and higher-purity fluid handling, so you can transfer media with utmost security and confidence.

Flexible and highly durable GORE™ STA-PURE® tubing performs exceedingly well in the most sensitive and sanitary production environments. Its unmatched purity significantly increases process consistency and product integrity, making it an excellent choice for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications.

Sta-Pure® Fluid Tubing Features & Benefits

  • Provides greater security in peristaltic pumps and pinch valves
  • Enables continuous high-pressure pumping
  • Maintains stable flow rate
  • Eliminates spallation
  • Manufactured in a clean room environment
  • Easy installation
  • Superior tube life
  • Reduced maintenance, with less downtime from tube rotation or replacement
  • Increased process consistency and purity — protects your product

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Datasheet: STA-PURE® Fluid Tubing