News | February 12, 2024

Focus Universal Inc. To Partner With Ininbio To Develop Advanced Equipment Used In Beverage Industry

Focus Universal Inc. ("Focus" or the "Company"), a provider of patented hardware and software design technologies for Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G, today announced it has an agreement with Ininbio, a multi-dimensional Mexico-based tech company, to develop and provide sensors and controllers intended to improve control of the fermentation processes used in the manufacturing of food grade alcohol-based beverages, including popular drinks of beer, tequila, and mezcal from the Mexico region.

Traditionally, this fermentation process has been monitored by manual measurement means and devices. Focus Universal will develop and implement sensors and controllers, however, will now enable this a fully automated process too. Focus's technology and equipment will allow Ininbio, and similar companies, to achieve more accurate, dynamic, and inline readings of TDS, total dissolved oxygen, pressure, pH analysis, temperature and humidity analysis, biomass analysis, alcohol content and characterization, and other key metrics essential to monitoring and control of the alcohol fermentation process. Ininbio is committed to invest a quarter million dollars initially into the partnership to develop these products.

"We're extremely excited to finalize this agreement, as it establishes that our technology may indeed significantly improve the fermentation process and permit controlled inline production of beer, wine and mezcal amongst many other beverages and products," said Focus Chief Executive Officer Desheng Wang. "We further believe there exists significant potential for the use of this equipment in many other alcoholic beverage fermentation facilities in Mexico and across the globe."

Food and beverage manufacturing is among the leading economic sectors in Mexico. In 2019, it accounted for 21 percent of total manufacturing output value and 4.5 percent of domestic GDP. In 2021, In Mexico was the fourth highest producer of beer globally, with 12.7 million metric tons. Revenue in the beer market in Mexico is projected to reach US$16.8B in 2024. (Statista). In 2022, Mexico exported a total of around 9.8 billion U.S. dollars worth of alcoholic beverages. Sales of tequila produced in Mexico attained a value of about $3.9B in 2022, including sales to domestic and foreign markets. By November 2023, this figure had reached about $3.7B. The nation's production of mezcal reached over 14 million liters in 2022, an increase of almost 75 percent compared to the production reported a year earlier(Statista).

Source: Focus Universal Inc.