News | August 23, 2023

Food Science, Which Developed The World's First Hangover Drink With The Protein Of Blowfish, Launches The Fruit-Flavored Carbonated Drink 'VTalk Ade'

The company was selected as a beneficiary of early-stage technology commercialization investment by Korea Development Bank

Seoul /PRNewswire/ - Food Science, selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups as one of 30 companies to participate in this year's Social Economy Enterprise Growth Support Project, is a bio-venture company that constantly strives to manufacture health functional food using natural ingredients and discover and develop new drug candidates.

This company was selected as an early-stage technology commercialization investment company by the Korea Development Bank, thereby laying the foundation for focusing on R&D. For the first time in the world, the company has developed "Morning Power," a hangover drink made with the protein of blowfish as the main ingredient and is supplying it not only to Korea but also to overseas countries.

The newly released "VTalk ADE" boasts a refreshing taste with fruit-flavored carbonated drinks as the market grows for fruit-flavored carbonated drinks, reducing the repulsion to strong carbonated drinks with low carbonated drinks.

In addition, consumers can feel a sense of freshness visually as the drink uses a plastic container that is transparent. Using transparent plastic bottles, not aluminum bottles, is different from other companies. A total of three flavors (lemonade, peachade, and zero-lemonade) can be selected according to your taste, and lemonade is a carbonated drink released following the development of low-calorie sugar alternatives. This drink also has 0 kcal.

Founded in 2003, Food Science has released many patented products, and among them, the hangover drink "Morning Power" has been so popular with consumers that it is supplied not only to Korea but also to Russia, Hong Kong, and the United States.

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