Company Profile | January 1, 1996

gable-top cartons,bleached,board,containers,filling machines,spout applicators,foil-lined cartons

Source: International Paper/Evergreen Packaging Equipment
gable-top cartons,bleached,board,containers,filling machines,spout applicators,foil-lined cartons

International Paper can draw upon enormous resources to serve you. As the world's largest paper company with over 200 manufacturing facilities worldwide and more than 6 million acres of forest under management, we control the quality of our products from the time the trees are planted to the moment they become our products.

We produce more bleached board from which beverage packaging containers are made, than any other paper company. We also furnish packaging / filling machines, with or without spout applicators, that feature more advanced technologies than any other models.

Our Beverage Packaging Division and Evergreen Packaging Equipment, our machinery unit, provide our customers worldwide with systems, including containers and machines, that help them compete in both shelf-stable aseptic and pasteurized refrigerated markets, including fresh and extended shelf life.

Our product line includes gable-top cartons for numerous applications such as milk, juice, tea and egg products. We specialize also in foil-lined gable-top cartons, aseptic packaging, cartons with the SPOUT-PAK® fitment, FreshCap®, Barrier-Pak™, and aseptic and gable-top filling machines. From furnishing paperboard to forming, filling, and sealing a carton, we offer an integrated packaging system that no other company can match.

Our customers realize the benefits of the strength of paperboard packages over the alternatives. And they prefer the light blocking characteristics of paper that protect products against loss of nutrients and vitamins, unlike glass or plastic. Most of all, the promotional capabilities associated with liquid paperboard packaging are endless. Our converting capabilities allow you to create eye-catching cartons using flexography, roto-gravure, or lithography.