News | June 22, 1999

La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee Unveils New Technology

La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee Co. Inc. has announced the completion of their new high tech extractor, the Hypex Series 700. The breakthrough came when the company added the expertise of two scientists, consisting of Dr. Mustapha Hammache, senior research fellow at Univ. of Southern California in the Dept. of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Dan Bricker, former owner of Bricker Laboratories and trained chemist and biochemist from the Univ. of California, and the expertise of founder and former president, Stephen Corey.

"Together, we have accomplished what seemed to be an enormously complex goal just last year, including double the extraction output, higher concentration yields without the application of heat, and a decrease in the extraction process from over 18 hours per batch to less than two," said Stephen Corey.

Dr. Hammache added, "The Hypex 700 has broad extraction application and can be used to develop other new products such as teas and herbs."

La Jolla plans to unveil the Hypex Series 7000 at the grand opening of their new facility, tentatively scheduled for July 16th.