News | November 3, 2023

Laird Superfood Extends Brand With New Antioxidant Daily Reds Supplement Drink

Formulated To Support Muscle Recovery and Cardiovascular Health By Providing Two Servings Of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Fruits and Vegetables In Every Glass

Boulder, CO /PRNewswire/ - Laird Superfood, Inc. (NYSE American: LSF), a leader in functional coffee and creamers and known for its collection of plant-based products with adaptogens, has launched Laird Superfood Antioxidant Daily Reds, providing 2 servings of the daily recommended fruit and vegetable intake in every glass.

91% of Americans don't consume enough vegetables and 88% don't consume enough fruits, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The largest gap in this deficit is with red and orange fruits and vegetables which offer high levels of antioxidants which are crucial to helping combat free radicals that may accumulate in the body from life's daily stressors such as lack of sleep or exercise, poor diet, or exposure to pollution.

A tasty way to meet daily nutritional goals, Laird Superfood Antioxidant Daily Reds contains the equivalent of two full servings of fruits and vegetables in every two-tablespoon portion, and is a good source of manganese, copper, and Vitamin C. The antioxidant blend includes tart cherry, turmeric, strawberries, beets, and green tea extract to provide powerful antioxidants and promote muscle recovery from exercise while also providing a delicious light fruity taste. It also helps support the oxidation-reduction (REDOX) balance in the body, which is important to the health of many body functions, including the cardiovascular system. The Antioxidant Daily Reds are a supplement powder that can be mixed into water or blended in a smoothie.

"We're excited to offer products that fit seamlessly into the daily lives of our customers by providing nutritious, functional, delicious foods," said Jason Vieth, CEO of Laird Superfood. "As a leader in the functional food category, we're building on that commitment by launching our new Antioxidant Daily Reds to help support muscle recovery and cardiovascular support for all of our consumers."

In January 2023, the company launched Laird Superfood Prebiotic Daily Greens powdered supplement featuring superfood fruits and vegetables that nourish the gut microbiome. A bundle containing both products will be available for purchase on the company's website this holiday season.

Founded by big-wave surf pioneer Laird Hamilton as he set out to find a better morning routine to improve and sustain performance while out catching waves, and his wife, former professional beach volleyball icon, best-selling author and fitness expert Gabby Reece, Laird Superfood offers a range of products that fuel, energize, and improve performance.

Laird Superfood Antioxidant Daily Reds is launching as a limited time offering this holiday season starting November 3, 2023, in a 14.8-ounce bag at, and on Amazon at a later date. For more information about new products, follow @LairdSuperfood on Instagram and @LairdSuperfood on TikTok.

About Laird Superfood
Laird Superfood is a clean plant-based food and supplement brand that offers superfood products to help fuel, energize, and improve performance. The company was founded in 2015 by big wave surf pioneer Laird Hamilton who set out to find a better morning routine to improve and sustain performance while out catching waves. He created superfood creamers with a blend of healthy-plant based fats and other real-food ingredients that not only sustained his energy, but also tasted great in his morning coffee. Alongside his wife, former professional beach volleyball icon, best-selling author and fitness expert, Gabby Reece, the brand has expanded to instant lattes, coffees, bars, and prebiotic daily greens. Laird Superfood is based on the idea that nourishing, plant-based foods can help fuel you from sunrise to sunset.

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