News | June 15, 1999

Lifeway Foods Introduces America's First Soy Kefir

Lifeway Foods, Inc. (Morton Grove, IL) will begin introducing America's first organic soy kefir under the brand name Soyrich. The company's development of soy kefir was initiated in response to customers' interest in soy products to promote good health. Soyrich will be available within 30 to 60 days.

Lifeway's Soyrich Kefir is a creamy probiotic dairy beverage similar to but distinct from yogurt. Low-fat or non-fat pasteurized milk is the basic ingredient in kefir. The product will be offered in six flavors.

Lifeway is America's leading supplier of the cultured dairy beverage kefir. Lifeway's Kefir is available in 32-oz bottles found in the dairy section of supermarkets, grocery stores, gourmet shops, delicatessens, and convenience stores. The product comes in 12 flavors. Additionally, Lifeway produces Drinkable Yogurt (a line of yogurt drinks distinct from kefir), Farmer's Cheese (a line of soft, unripened cheeses) and Basics Plus, a kefir-based dietary supplement with concentrated extracts of Colostrum.