News | June 28, 2022

MAP Engineering's New Innovative Approach To Food And Beverage Process Engineering

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in engineering offers precise and reliable results for food and beverage processing and packaging lines with more accurate consistency.

Menomonee Falls, WI (PRWEB) - MAP Engineering now employs artificial intelligence (AI) in their engineering models to help food and beverage manufacturers modernize, provide accurate data, and increase productivity.

The food and beverage industry includes the conversion of raw ingredients into edible goods intended for human or animal consumption through a variety of processes. The products in this marketplace often have distinctive characteristics that demand specialized process engineering knowledge.

“The U.S. food and beverage process engineering services market by revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of over 5.36% during the period 2020-2026.” As quoted by Research and Markets in June 2021.

Food and beverage processing plants in the US and Canada are witnessing a renewed investment as these facilities are eager to renovate existing facilities to remain competitive. The food and beverage industry is one of the largest energy-consuming activities in the US and Canada. Services specializing in energy management are anticipated to be in the best public interest during this forecasted period.

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Foods

Organizations can successfully address these updates by designing and developing simple and responsible measures to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is offering precise and reliable results for packaging lines with more accurate consistency.

Management Alliance Programs' engineers have continued their education to include artificial intelligence technology programs to enhance food safety protocols. MAP Engineers are well-versed in food safety, science and technology, packaging and opportunities of making a more transparent supply chain management system. With the help of AI, MAP can increase food manufacturing processes for any food processing plant.

Engineering, design, project management and site supervisor knowledge is of the utmost importance due to the hygienic and sanitary nature of food and beverage processing.

Plant upgrades, expansion, modernizations and retrofitting sanitary process systems in food and beverage processing plants are now a specialty of MAP Engineering.

MAP Engineering’s Food & Beverage Project Experience

  • Capacity Expansion
  • Construction Management
  • Capacity Expansion
  • Construction Management
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Front End Design | Planning
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • New Construction | Building
  • New Product Launch
  • Plant Support
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management

While working with Fortune 500 food and beverage manufacturing companies, MAP Engineering’s innovative approaches to various AI processes help companies save time and money.

About MAP Engineering: Since 1975, MAP Engineering has dedicated itself to engineering services for food and beverage, pharmaceutical manufacturing, consumer packaged goods manufacturing, engineering and building construction, chemical manufacturing, industrial material manufacturing, automation/material handling, heavy equipment manufacturing, metal fabrication manufacturing, medical products and equipment manufacturing, energy systems engineering, utilities engineering, gas and oil engineering, telecommunications engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, agricultural engineering, pulp and paper manufacturing and industrial machinery engineering services throughout the United States and Canada.

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