News | August 5, 2011

MINT Debuts "Aromatic Coffee Lid" For Coffee Drinkers To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee


Central, Hong Kong - Mint Urban Technologies has introduced an aromatic coffee lid for the coffee to go market, an industry that uses over 100 billion lids every year. This specially designed Aroma Lid™ is an innovation which improves the taste of coffee when drinking through the lid.

Mint Urban Technologies Ltd. (MINT), a company that produces coffee cup lids and other beverage items, believe that anyone in the coffee-to-go industry surely appreciates the difference between a good and a bad tasting cup of coffee. However, many retailers and customers don't realize that coffee doesn't taste as good when consumed through the typical coffee lid.

The secret is in the plastic, explains Marc Miller from MINT. "Coffee Lids block the aroma coming from the coffee. Because taste is 95% smell, coffee lids are stopping us experiencing the full taste of our favorite morning brew. It's like eating food with a cold. It's tasteless. That's the simple explanation."

Mike Newcomb, VP international business from MINT explains further, "Heat from the coffee heats the plastic in a standard lid, and a plastic fragrance is emitted. This odor, however subtle, gives coffee a "plastic aftertaste" that can compromise the taste of an otherwise excellent cup of coffee. That's not appealing by anyone's standards".

The idea behind MINT's Aroma Lid™ is that original coffee taste and smell can be preserved by adding a second lid element to the common coffee lid design; the second element consisting of aromatic material that can enhance, rather than detract, from the original smell.

"Premium Coffee is judged by its aroma", highlights Marc Miller. Coffee consists of 800 distinct flavors and not unlike fine wine has a ‘nose' or "Bouquet". Certain notes are more prized than others and the MINT Aroma Lid™ only uses these finer notes to enhance the taste.

"The aroma we use is very light" continues Miller, "We only need it to be very subtle in order for the brain receptors to recognize the enhanced aroma. The bottom line is that the Aroma Lid will make coffee taste better than any other coffee lid on the market…and that's fantastic news for those on the go"

The primary lid is made from standard food-grade materials, while the secondary lid can be made from a number of special materials to enrich taste. The food-grade, primary lid comes in contact with the coffee, while the secondary lid stays atop the primary lid, avoiding contact with the heated beverage. The use of these premium, new age coffee cup lids will only ensure that that store coffee tastes better as it is now being protected from plastic and enhanced due to special fragrant material.

Mint Urban Technologies' innovative new approach to preserving coffee can also be seen in their new product line "Two", which are brand-customizable lids with this unique double-lid technology. Mint Urban Technologies is offering this technology to storeowners, who will likely benefit from superior-tasting coffee without having to change the ingredients or serving process.

MINT also provides heat resistant Biodegradable coffee lids as part of their portfolio.

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MINT Aroma Lid™ multiple patents pending.

SOURCE: Mint Urban Technologies Ltd