Case Study

Mott's Improves Productivity with Citrix WinFrame Server Software

Mott's North America, a leading producer of juice-based beverages and applesauce in the U.S. and Canada, was looking for a way to manage its production, inventory, and distribution in anticipation of consumer demand, and share the information across the organization - including remote sales force and brokers.

After being introduced to Citrix System's WinFrame server software for server-based computing, and then choosing to standardize on it, Mott's says that the productivity of its sales and broker organization has increased by as much as 30 percent.

WinFrame is a thin-client/server software that provides access to nearly any Windows application, across any network connection, to any client. Based on Citrix's proprietary ICA technology, the software provides centralized management, universal access, and improved security for business-critical applications and data.

WinFrame is providing Mott's with fast and reliable access to uniform information, while decreasing the cost of maintaining dedicated hardware for each user. Implementing WinFrame as a dedicated server, Citrix was able to deploy Mott's sales information system, Mott's Mart, to the company's 130-member field sales force, 70 independent brokers and 200 corporate users spanning North America.

``In today's information-intensive food industry, it's essential to ensure our sales force and brokers have reliable access to up-to-the-minute data on production, inventory and distribution,'' said Paul MacDonald, manager, Decision Support, Mott's North America. ``By using WinFrame to extend our Mott's Mart system, we've been able to significantly increase our productivity, while reducing capital investment and software costs.''

In addition, WinFrame has allowed Mott's to eliminate two redundant systems and reduce its capital investment and software licensing costs.

Prior to WinFrame, Mott's decision support administrators had to load a standalone Mott's Mart system on each user's field PC. Additionally, to keep all the users synchronized, administrators had to send a 1-megabyte file to them each morning via electronic mail.

WinFrame is providing Mott's with fast, reliable access to uniform information, while significantly decreasing the high costs associated with maintaining dedicated hardware for each user.

Beyond the sales force, Mott's NA has also adopted WinFrame for marketing, information technology, finance, operations, customer service, and executive management. Mott's NA is currently rolling out WinFrame for its Canadian division of 100 users. The company is also considering WinFrame in its forthcoming plans to Web-enable the Mott's Mart system.

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