Case Study

NetSuite Allows Distributor To Connect Fishermen To The Market

Source: Oracle NetSuite

Sea to Table is an innovative distributor that partners with local fishermen to sell sustainably caught fish to chefs. Originally headquartered in Tobago, the company is now headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

Sea to Table had requirements when looking at software solutions. The company needed a flexible, powerful cloud system to achieve its vision of connecting fishermen to the market—creating value to fishermen, fisheries and fishing culture. They also required a transparent business management system to help ensure accountability and align with its principles of environmental and economic sustainability.

Sea to Table became an early adopter of cloud business management when they adopted NetSuite in 2005. NetSuite’s comprehensive cloud business suite was ideally suited for Sea to Table’s innovative business model  of connecting local fishermen with restaurant chefs and campus dining facilities. NetSuite has improved business  processes while sticking to Sea to Table’s core mission through.