Case Study

Oxygen Tank-Shaped Bottle Shows Off Clearly Canadian's New Super-O2 Drink

When Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp. unveiled its new Clearly Canadian O+2 oxygen-enhanced water beverage at InterBev98 in Dallas this past October, the product's oxygen tank-shaped packaging made quite a splash, as it clearly conveyed the benefits of the "super-oxygenated" drink.

Made with natural spring water, Clearly Canadian O+2 has been scientifically formulated as a superior refreshment product for athletes. The super-oxygenated unflavored water is enhanced with up to 10 times the normal concentration of oxygen naturally found in water. Clearly Canadian O+2 is also available in two flavor choices, Fruit-Citrus and Berry-Citrus, which are enhanced with up to five times the normal concentration of oxygen.

The PET copolymer blend bottle containing Clearly Canadian O+2 oxygen-enhanced water beverage is made from a proprietary mold that features the shape of an oxygen tank.

To get the message of the enhanced concentration of oxygen across to consumers, Clearly Canadian set out to create an "impactful, relevant image for the product through the package," according to company officials. The beverage maker also wanted to convey improved product taste and qualities by using added barrier protection and unique label design. The result is a proprietary bottle mold shaped like an oxygen tank, and, furthermore, the innovative bottle is made with a PET copolymer barrier material that is said to maintain optimum oxygen levels in the container longer than traditional containers.

Prolonged Retention of Oxygen Levels
The 20-oz. (591 ml), sleek blue bottle, manufactured by CNC Containers Corp., of Tumwater, WA, features a shape inspired from the industrial design of oxygen tanks. Tests were conducted on a regular PET bottle and several PET copolymer blends to arrive at a formula that prolonged the retention of oxygen levels in the bottle. Because of the number of variables involved, quantification of benefits is ongoing, according to Clearly Canadian, however significant barrier benefits have been demonstrated.

The container's 38 mm finish accommodates a standard plastic screw-top closure supplied by Alcoa Closure Systems International, in which a standard EVA cap liner is housed. Clearly Canadian considered a pull-push cap for the O2 product, and a switch to such a closure remains a future consideration, according to company officials. The company is also researching other cap liner materials for increased barrier protection.

A clear wraparound polypropylene laminate label manufactured by Source Packaging, Walnut Creek, CA, further depicts the product's benefits. The label provides a detailed written description of the oxygen enhancement along with diagrams of an oxygen molecule and O2 consumption.

The polypropylene label on the O2 beverage gives detailed information on the benefits of oxygen-enhanced water, complete with a diagram that plots oxygen consumption levels.

The process and equipment used to enrich a liquid by increasing up to tenfold the amount of oxygen normally found in that liquid is licensed from Life O2 International. The beverage is produced by Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp.'s subsidiary company, Cascade Clear Water Co., based in Burlington, WA. The O+2 water consists simply of spring water and oxygen, while the ingredients of the Fruit-Citrus and Berry-Citrus flavored beverages include oxygenated spring water, high-fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavor and sodium benzoate to preserve freshness.

"The two flavored versions are the first flavored, oxygen-enhanced beverages to be available in North America and reinforce Clearly Canadian as one of the leading industry innovators," said Douglas Mason, president of Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp. "The valuable time spent in research and product development for this beverage has enabled Clearly Canadian to provide a brand that delivers a unique drink experience in a bold and exciting package."

Clearly Canadian O+2 will be available at convenience and grocery stores in key markets throughout the United States in early 1999.

'Battery' Another Innovation
At InterBev98, Clearly Canadian also presented its first licensed beverage, Battery, a tangy, thirst-quenching energy enhancement drink available in an 11.2-oz. (330 ml) can. Developed by Oy Sinebrychoff Ab of Finland, Battery is one of the best-selling energy drinks in Northern Europe. With the recent signing of an exclusive licensing agreement, Clearly Canadian will be manufacturing, marketing and distributing Battery to key regional markets across the United States and Canada.

Clearly Canadian is a leading producer of premium alternative beverages, including Clearly Canadian sparkling flavored water, REfresher and Orbitz, which are distributed extensively in the United States, Canada and numerous countries worldwide. Clearly Canadian also owns Cascade Clear Water Co., a producer of a line of alternative beverages, including Cascade Clear Refresher, Mountain Spring Water, Premium Drinking Water and Distilled Water for retail sale in North America and the Pacific Rim.

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