News | August 21, 2019

Peco-InspX Introduces Its Most Advanced High-Resolution X-Ray Systems

Learn About State-of-the-Art High Resolution X-Ray Inspection at Pack Expo 2019

San Carlos, CA (PRWEB) - Peco-InspX is pleased to announce a revolutionary advancement in automated x-ray inspection technology: HDRX imaging. HDRX captures extremely high-resolution images of products for superior foreign material detection and minimized false rejects. More importantly, HDRX can deliver high image resolution at normal production line speeds within power settings used by traditional x-ray systems used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. No more speed tradeoffs to get beautiful images. Learn more at

“There are two critical detection benefits of HDRX imaging including dramatically improved minimum detectable size and a vast expansion in the range of detectable foreign material. While many x-ray providers routinely quote stainless steel detection limits in the 0.4 mm – 0.5 mm range, those specifications represent best case capabilities under ideal conditions; HDRX can deliver comparable detection performance across a wide range of applications,” said Peco-InspX CEO, Rich Cisek. “Furthermore, HDRX dramatically increases the range of detectable plastics and other previously hard-to-detect materials. While we can’t detect everything, the advances that we have made with HDRX are significant,” added Cisek.

HDRX technology is available across the Peco-InspX x-ray system product line, including side-view, top-down and dual energy systems. For reference, the included image was taken using a single energy top-down system at less than 80 KV of imaging energy.

For more information on Peco-InspX’s advanced x-ray inspection capabilities, please visit or speak to your Peco-InspX sales representative. Peco-InspX will also be demonstrating HDRX technology at the 2019 Pack Expo Show in Las Vegas from September 23 – 25, at booth 5238 in the Central Hall.

About Peco-InspX
Peco-InspX Corporation is a leading provider of advanced technology inspection solutions for the food and beverage industries. With headquarters in Silicon Valley (San Carlos), CA and European headquarters in Nuneaton, UK, the company serves customers around the world and inspects over 120 million food and beverage containers daily. The company specializes in accurate high-speed package inspection in machines that are easy to use with a low cost of ownership. Subscribe to Peco-InspX's YouTube channel and learn more at

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