News | July 14, 2008

Progressive Poultry Producer Simmons Foods Chooses Discovery By IRM Business Intelligence Tool

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Simmons Foods of Siloam Springs, AR has selected best-in-class Discovery by IRM™ to serve as its new Business Intelligence solution.

Simmons Foods, launched in 1949, specializes in custom chicken products for both foodservice and retail, in the United States and abroad. Having begun with a poultry processing plant in Decatur, AR, Simmons underwent a dramatic shift in focus in the late 1990s from its own consumer brands to building upon its business-to-business customers. This shift manifested itself into what is now a tight vertically integrated poultry production operation, thereby providing Simmons with the agility to customize operations to better meet unique customer needs. Currently one of the country's top ten privately held poultry processors, the company coordinates production of breeder farms, hatcheries, growout farms, feed mills, and processing and distribution facilities in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Simmons strives to promote a corporate culture which sparks new ideas and innovative technologies, even using state-of-the art computer-monitored ventilation and cooling systems to optimize growing conditions. In addition to manufacturing technology, the company also embraces the strategic value provided by IT solutions, such as IRM Corporation's Discovery™ system. IRM's technology is geared toward one specific end: to optimize profits by transforming static business data into actionable business intelligence.

Currently used by nearly 200 Food & Beverage manufacturers and distributors, IRM's flagship Discovery™ system is the leading innovator in Business Intelligence (BI), forecasting, promotion management and analytics. Its success and widespread implementation is regularly attributed to the fact that it is powerful, but fast to implement, and easy to use. Moreover, it illuminates positive trends and potential challenges that enable managers not only to act, but also to act fast.

About IRM Corporation

IRM provides both on-demand and on-premise business intelligence, forecasting and trade promotion management solutions to manufacturers, distributors and brokers in the food, beverage, and CPG industry -- all delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. For additional information, please contact Belinda Rueffer at 972.715.4071, or visit

About Simmons Foods

Headquartered in Siloam Springs, AR, Simmons Foods supplies custom value-added chicken products to top restaurant chains, club stores, mass merchandisers, and international markets. It also offers customized services and manufactures industrial and agricultural ingredients for livestock feed and pet food. For additional information, visit

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