News | March 21, 2018

Scholle IPN Introduces Sterilized Spouted Pouch System For Food And Beverage Products

Flexible packaging solutions provider Scholle IPN has introduced what it claims to be the world’s first pre-made, sterilized spouted pouch system for aseptically-processed products.

The CleanPouch Aseptic System features a new spout, plug, and cap combination; pouches made within clean room environments.

It also includes a small-footprint, high-output aseptic rotary filler, The SureFill 100P – Aseptic.

The spouted pouch system can be used for various products, including fruits and vegetables, coffee and tea, smoothies, liquid egg, as well as beauty and personal.

North Carolina-based Wright Foods is the first firm to install the new CleanPouch system, as the capacity to produce tamper-evident packages in sizes ranging between 50ml and 450ml.

Wright Foods is an aseptic food processing and co-packing company that produces customized products to meet various specifications ranging from concept to plate.

The companies have secured a letter of non-objection (LONO) from the US Food and Drug Administration to initially install CleanPouch aseptic system.

Scholle IPN technology director David Bellmore said: “We’ve utilized nearly fifty years of aseptic packaging know-how to create this new system. From the outset of design, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, rapid prototyping, and extensive testing through the prototyping phase were keys to development.”

Scholle IPN new applications director Peter Messacar said: “Clearly consumers are continuing to demand this type of innovation as the spouted pouch format is so prevalent on store shelves today.

“Separating the complexity and risk of pouch making from production operations affords our customers the ability to focus on what they do best. The CleanPouch Aseptic System is our answer to the market’s call.”

Scholle IPN produces flexible packaging solutions for bag-in-box, pouches, components, fitments, connectors, and filling equipment.

The company’s food packaging solutions include 2600 Plug bag-in-box package, CleanPouch, QuickSeal sentry safelock bag-in-box package.

Its beverage packaging solutions include FlexTap bag-in-box package, aseptic clean valve, FreshTap bag-in-box package and Opti-Serve bag-in-box package.

Source: Scholle IPN