News Feature | July 1, 2014

Smart Labels Give Small Wine Producers A Leg Up

By Isaac Fletcher, contributing writer, Food Online

Smart Food Labels

In order to offer customized labels, improved production efficiency, cost-savings, and waste reduction, a new line of printers has been designed, offering an effective labelling solution for winemakers

Smart product packaging and labelling has become more important for food producers to differentiate their product and entice consumers. In order to win market share from other competitors, large companies, such as Coca-Cola and Ferrero, use methods such as personalized and seasonal packaging. However, small and mid-sized producers often do not have the financial resources or the equipment necessary to implement variable packaging. Additionally, because labels and packaging for products made by smaller companies are often produced by third-party firms, it is much more difficult to make customized and seasonal labels a viable option.

Contract packaging services for bottlers

In order to help smaller companies overcome these labelling challenges, a new line of roll-fed inkjet color-label printers has been introduced. The printers are an ideal solution for wineries and wine importers to use individualization and customization as a selling point. With a high print resolution and photorealistic quality, customers are able to add vibrant pictures next to texts, barcodes, and graphics while still ensuring sharp detail. The printer puts the power in the hands of producers and customers, allowing labels to be printed as they are needed and in the correct quantities.

Additionally, the printers help protect the environment by utilizing separate ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, so that when one color runs out, only the empty cartridge needs to be replaced. This design also helps the user save money on every printed label and prevent wasting ink when label designs require more of a single color than others.

Once the labels are successfully printed, a line of applicators is used to place the labels on the containers. Various applicators are designed to affix labels to round containers or square-sided bottles quickly, accurately, and wrinkle-free. The specially designed applicators speed up production and increase efficiency when compared to manual application.