News | October 19, 2004

Symrise Natural Grapefruit Type Flavors Provide Alternative To Weather-Stricken Crops


Teterboro, NJ - John Cavallo, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Symrise Flavors, Global Beverage Business, announces new natural grapefruit type flavors that perform as cost efficient, authentic-tasting alternatives to the range of natural fruit oils.

"Due to recent market conditions in Florida, interruption in the supply of natural grapefruit oils and the potential of an accompanying increase in prices are anticipated," Dr. Cavallo explained. "Our natural grapefruit type flavors, which contain specialty ingredients developed through Symrise's Citrus Tools for Taste competencies, provide the solution for beverage manufacturers who depend on true tasting grapefruit flavors."

Dr. Cavallo said that this collection of natural grapefruit type flavors does not rely on grapefruit byproducts as part of their base. "These flavors are available now and provide an excellent solution to the supply and performance challenges that are impacting many of our customers. They bring long term advantages that manufacturers can consistently count on."

Andy Blum, Director Global Citrus Innovations, added that "Florida is responsible for about two-thirds of the world's grapefruit juice production, growing varieties of sweet pink and white grapefruit that account for the peel oils used in beverage formulations. However, our natural grapefruit type flavors not only deal with the current challenge that the hurricane season has created, they also overcome some troubling issues that have always been associated with grapefruit flavors. Our innovative technology helps in eliminating the bitterness that many consumers associate with grapefruit. They may also attract older consumers who like the taste of grapefruit but are fearful of grapefruit juice drinks because of their interference with the absorption of some essential pharmaceuticals. For the beverage manufacturer, our flavors offer greater consistency and improved solubility. Importantly, they are not subject to price fluctuations that occur with weather and other unforeseen product related circumstances." As an example of these unforeseen circumstances, Mr. Blum cited how Tristacea had harmed a substantial number of trees in the United States in the late 1990s and 2000.

Mr. Blum reported that Symrise has mastered the art of grapefruit flavor manufacturing using unique natural aroma chemicals. With the exclusive Symrise process, top notes retain their integrity and no unwanted components are formed. The flavors are not subject to the effects of unwanted oxidation and require fewer byproducts than ever before.

"In our beverage application laboratories, we recognize how versatile the flavor is. We've tested these new grapefruit flavors in isotonic, fruit and alcoholic drinks. Our sensory evaluation is scoring high in taste and aroma perceptions," added Dr. Cavallo.

Symrise was formed in July of 2002, when Swedish financial investor EQT Northern Europe Private Equity Funds (EQT) acquired Haarmann & Reimer and a minority interest in Dragoco with the objective of merging the two companies. Today, Symrise generates sales in excess of € 1 billion, positioning the company as one the world's top four producer of flavors and fragrances. The company's global headquarters are situated in Holzminden, Germany with subsidiaries on six continents. Symrise employs over 5,000 people worldwide. To learn more about Symrise, please visit

Located in Teterboro, New Jersey, the U.S. Flavor Division of Symrise is comprised of three business units: beverages, savory and sweet goods. Each business unit is supported locally and globally by flavor research and development, creations and application labs, sensory facilities and marketing services.

Source: Symrise