News | November 23, 2023

Taiwan's Pioneering Tea Brand 'TSENG'S Tea' First To Achieve Anti Additive Clean Label Certification, Secures Invitation To 2024 Foodex Japan To Promote Taiwan's Organic Tea Culture

Taipei City /PRNewswire/ - TSENG'S Tea, a prominent tea brand of TSENG'S TEA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO, Ltd. from Taiwan, has recently been awarded the prestigious Anti Additive Clean Label certification, marking a historic milestone as the first tea leaf brand in Taiwan to achieve this recognition. The accolade has also garnered TSENG'S Tea an exclusive invitation to participate in the 2024 Foodex Japan, presenting an exceptional opportunity to promote Taiwan's organic tea culture and further elevate the country's tea industry.

TSENG'S Tea's distinct quality features played a pivotal role in attaining the Anti Additive Clean Label certification, positioning it as the inaugural Taiwanese tea brand to receive this honor. This certification emphasizes the commitment to maintaining tea purity and quality by refraining from the use of flavor enhancers, bleaching agents, quality-improving agents, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and preservatives throughout the production process. TSENG'S Tea has emerged as a globally recognized representative of tea leaves, capturing significant international attention.

Situated in the premier tea leaf-producing region of Miaoli's Tongluo Mountains, TSENG'S Tea upholds a 132-year-old tea-making tradition. Committed to single-origin production, small-batch crafting, tea masters independently adjusting roasting formulations, non-toxic organic practices, and the infusion of natural floral and fruity fragrances, TSENG'S Tea has not only become a sensation domestically but has also made remarkable appearances at tea expos worldwide. TSENG'S Tea has spearheaded revolutionary changes in the tea industry, presenting more efficient, higher-quality tea while maintaining ecological balance.

TSENG'S Tea's unique characteristics lie in its perfume-like flavor, showcasing layers of taste in the forefront, midsection, final stages, and aftertaste. Adopting innovative practices such as mutually beneficial relationships with insects and exclusive harvesting from top-tier regions, TSENG'S Tea has successfully challenged traditional frameworks, standing out as the embodiment of Taiwan's organic tea culture.

On November 24th of this year, TSENG'S Tea achieved another milestone by becoming the exclusive Taiwanese tea plantation designated for visitation by the AVPA French Agricultural Association. As a significant leap, TSENG'S Tea is set to make its debut at the Foodex Japan from March 5th to 8th, 2024, marking the first entry of a Taiwanese tea brand into this esteemed event.

Eagerly anticipating a splendid showcase at the Foodex Japan, TSENG'S Tea aims to present the unique charm of Taiwan's organic tea while creating new international opportunities for the Taiwanese tea industry. This event is poised to be a highly anticipated affair, with TSENG'S Tea shining brightly as a symbol of Taiwan's excellence.


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